Looking for Work, are you prepared?

One thing I keep being told when heading for job interviews or things I thought of myself that most people don't consider because they think its "common sense" which people get misplacement in their life when they lose a job for any reason. Here is a list of things you should be aware if you been out of work for sometime.

  • 9am to 5pm is the basis of time you should be looking for work.. its when businesses are open and if your not awake or tired at those times you can lose chances for a job. Even on weekends (but time is reduced keep and eye on that)... Getting a call when your half asleep from a employer only says your not ready and shouldn't be employed unless they are looking for graveyard shifts.
  • Don't over/under dress for jobs... don't grab your tuxedo or work dress for interviews for jobs where they looking for anyone... a plain shirt (avoid white as it stain magnet) or grab a 
  • If you don't have a car, always plan ahead by a few hours... because you can't depend on the public transportation to be on time (this happened to me where the bus broke down and I was over 2 hours late)
  • Keep your Resume updated which is important, do constant odd jobs for one person ask them to be added as a reference.
  • Do not add your reference contact info on your resume... only when you get into interview where you get a page with all reference... more references of friends and co-workers that can give you a positive input GREATLY improve your chances.
  • Be friendly and Professional... if you feel like your employer seems to be highly disrespectful to you without reason just politely tell them you are no longer interested in the job and thank them for their time.
  • If you want to keep your beard keep is clean and very well groomed... this can be a positive because having a nice and well maintained facial hair.
  • If you applying for a job and you don't meet the minimum requirements... research it online or at the library this will get you in their second or third choice for employment.
  • be yourself in a professional matter... sometimes if employers are more relaxed... get relaxed as well.
  • make sure your in a habit to over clean yourself... I know some people have a hard time with body odor (like I do) always get doctor help or look online for very powerful shampoo and soap 
  • keep doing it, giving up means you never get a job... always trying to keep at it means you always will have a chance being employed be optimistic. 
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I am an atheist but I don't hate just because they're unlike me....

Every time I see a post and people blame those for religious reasons, makes me frown on those that do it. Its a shame game... yes I am an atheist but how I view myself and others people think I am not. Just because I come to conclusion of my position of the existence of god only because I came to that over my life and others I have seen/talked too. 

Does that make me a less moralistic person? no, should other people be blamed for their belief?, no... Because I might not like a religion for their teachings people have perfectly reasons to be there... It only matters when someone becomes a extremist or shaming others. Its one to have and opinion but going out and making someone feel like their scum or killed for their belief is horrible.

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Homeworld 2 Remastered! TAKE ALL THE MONEY

Its been some time since I heard about gearbox acquiring homeworld IP and to be honest... I wish I could buy it right now. This game is a nostalgia trip for me as I played like years of this game with family... even go so far as to play a large scale game which took longer than normal as we got constant money on carrier only mode in homeworld 1 on lan. Believe me, it was worth every moment. I shouldn't need to tell you how much this game means to me... and no other game has made a spiritual successor and I mean like the same command style it gives... I normally see 2d space combat games being made. A RTS like homeworld been demanded from fans for a decade at least. The complex mod made it... well very detailed complex gameplay to the already solid RTS basis that homeworld had.  I feared this game would have been forgotten and the fanbase would have been placed on deaf ears but when the IP was up for auction... It made me interested how this would turn out... I am not disappointed. Add a comment